Temperature Screening Technology Explained

As workforces around the world return to factories and offices following the Covid19 pandemic, many of our customers are asking us about temperature screening technology and precaution compliance (checking for masks) and how it might be implemented in their workplace.

MinMoe Temperature Screening Terminal

MinMoe Screening TerminalTo secure building and site entrances, this unit will allow temperature measurement with touch-free access control along with mask detection and audio broadcast. On detection of an elevated temperature, access will be refused. Find out more here.

Thermographic Turret Camera & Therographic Bullet Cameras

Thermographic Turret Camera

These solutions can be built in to existing security configurations, including manned security stations or metal detection arches. Watch the video here.

DeepinMind NVR & HikCentral Pro Integration

Allows for instant visualisation of temperature and mask analytics. This management console can track total numbers of people, skin temperature counts and mark compliance.

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