DarkFighter: Stunning Video in Near Darkness

Since most crime happens at night, improving video quality during nighttime hours is one of the most important concerns of the video surveillance industry. That’s where DarkFighter comes to play.

DarkFighter cameras implement a larger sensor, a larger lens aperture, and smart gain control technology to dramatically improve nighttime image performance. Noise reduction improvements in hardware and software effectively reduce image noise in low illumination scenes.

DarkFighter Night Vision Sensor

The image sensor is the core component of a camera. The sensor quality determines the image quality, especially in a low-illumination environment. Hikvision DarkFighter Series cameras use specifically designed, nearly ½-inch sensors, yielding better photosensitivity, a high S/N ratio, and increased wide dynamic range. Their single pixel area is almost twice as large as that of a normal sensor and greatly improves the light passing quantity, which is an essential component in better low light performance.

At the same time, the DarkFighter design modifies the order of the photosensitive layer and the metal layer in the sensor. DarkFighter sensors move the photosensitive layer to the top to decrease light reflection and increase light usage. In this way, brightness improves by 30 percent. Hikvision calls this type of sensor a “backside illuminated sensor.”

More Information

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