Why do you need to test your fire alarm?

It’s not enough to simply install fire alarms at your business premises; you also need to test them regularly to ensure they are working efficiently. With considerable Government statistics showing a direct correlation between working fire alarms and reduced fatalities and injuries caused by fire, testing your fire alarms should be a priority for your business. Fire alarms are simply not a “set and forget” exercise.

When triggered, a fire alarm can give people enough time to find safety and alert the emergency services, minimising the risk of damage to your staff, stock and premises. A working alarm combined with a quick response can save lives and enable your business to recover from the impact of a fire.

Regular testing is vital to ensure there’s been no major failure of the fire detection and alarm system, which otherwise might go unnoticed.

Fire Alarm TestingHow often you need to test them?

Government regulations for businesses state fire-fighting equipment needs to be maintained and tested regularly. Whether an office block, retail premises, or an industrial business, alarms should be tested once a week at a set time with employees being made aware of the procedure. Areas at high risk of fire may wish to test alarms more frequently. Be sure to inform any customers or clients within your premises the ringing alarms are tests to avoid partial evacuation of your premises.

Staff must receive training and there has to be inspection and servicing at least once every six months by a ‘competent person’ meaning organisations which are third-party certified. On a weekly basis test a manual call point during working hours and voice alarm systems. Your service provider can provide a full list of actions. Good practice in homes is also to test once a month.

How do you test fire alarms?

Designated employees should test the fire alarm once a week by following testing instructions provided with your alarm manual or directed by your alarm installer.

It is also essential businesses have regular maintenance and servicing of equipment to ensure it is fault free and working correctly. Alarm maintenance should only be carried out by a professional installer to avoid damaging the system.

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