Access Control

Whenever you need to know exactly who’s who, wherever you need to protect sensitive areas of your premises and whatever your business, an effective access control system is your first line of defence.

Protection from Intruders

Future Security Systems has long been at the forefront of protecting premises from unauthorised visitors or intruders by designing, installing and maintaining highly effective access control systems ranging from a simple single-door standalone system to fully-networked solutions covering an entire site.

Our technology includes highly advanced biometric systems programmed to recognise authorised visitors or personnel by ‘reading’ their unique hand-print, as well as sophisticated barrier control systems capable of reading the number plates or authorised vehicles.

Customised Approach

We install and maintain a wide range of systems and solutions tailored to your risk levels and security requirements.

Seamless Integration

We’ll help you integrate with existing systems to bring you complete control, whatever your environment.


Our area systems allow for controlling access by site or sector, however big your business is or will be one day!

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