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We can supply various documents and on line information relating to all our products and systems, as well as any other support resources to help get you up and running with your new system.

If you have any questions or are looking for specific resources please let us know via the form below or phone us on 01761 232955.

Intruder Alarm Police Response Ready

Unlike many off-the-shelf alarms, ours has the potential to signal our Alarm Receiving Centre, verify triggers and alert your local Police to attend your property if required.

Be informed on-the-go, with our intelligent smartphone app. From here you can arm and disarm your home alarm and be notified on your security at all times.

Reduce false alarms with verification: When an alarm is triggered, it is important to ensure that the trigger is verified correctly. With an Alarm Receiving Centre your alarm can be used or even an intruder challenge system within the alarm panel. This will allow the monitoring station to challenge the intruder and state that they are being watched.

CCTV Police Response Ready

Trusted, vigilant CCTV monitoring from Future Security: Where security is paramount, we can connect your CCTV system to our fully accredited remote monitoring station to ensure that all threats to you and your property are seen, heard and dealt with accordingly. Remote monitoring means that in the event of a trigger, trained operatives can view live CCTV feeds of your property to assess the situation in real time. Once the trigger is verified, our team can alert you, key-holders or the police.

Your security never sleeps: With 24 hour remote CCTV monitoring, you can rest assured that your property is being watched over by trusted professionals. You can choose when your monitoring begins and ends to match your routine.

Effective response guaranteed: In order for the Police to intervene, the trigger must be verified. The expert team at our CCTV monitoring station will be able to utilise your cameras to verify the trigger and aid the Police.




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